Undereye Fillers Singapore

Undereye Fillers Singapore



Undereye sculpting, more commonly known as undereye fillers, is a technique in which hyaluronic acid gets injected to improve the appearance of sunken or discoloured undereye areas. Undereye fillers work by adding volume to correct undereye areas that are sagging or hollow to help make uneven eyes look more symmetrical, as well as correcting eye bags and dark eye circles.

It is important to note that if the skin under your eyes is darker due to your natural complexion or from sun damage, then undereye fillers will not make a difference. Undereye fillers may also not be effective for those with larger bags under their eyes, especially if fat is collected in the area, which can happen when a person ages.

On the other hand, if the darkness is a result of skin laxity from ageing or genetics, then undereye fillers can help by adding volume and evenness to fill the hollowness of the dark circles, all while keeping puffiness at bay.

So if you wish to address the dark circles forming under your eyes, we recommend speaking to Dr Vincent Tan, who can diagnose the cause and advise on whether undereye fillers are suitable for you. Schedule an appointment and speak with us to find out more about undereye fillers in Singapore today.

Key Benefits:

Our eyes are windows to our souls, which is why a pair of bright and awake-looking peepers can make a whole lot of difference in one’s outer appearance. Hence, undereye fillers are designed to improve the appearance of eye bags and dark eye circles to help you look more refreshed without having to undergo invasive surgical procedures. It is advisable to consult an aesthetic doctor to find out what undereye fillers can do for you and your specific concerns. An experienced and professional doctor will be able to provide personalised advice to help you meet your needs.

eye bags or dark eyes

Improves appearance of
eye bags or dark eyes

refreshlooking pair of eyes

More awake and refreshlooking
pair of eyes

Non invasive

Non invasive


Patients with hollow or dark undereye areas are good candidates for undereye fillers. Appropriate skin thickness and elasticity are also needed to allow natural augmentation after the treatment. You can consider undereye fillers too if you have concerns such as uneven-looking eyes, undereye wrinkles and sunken eyes. Speak with an aesthetic doctor to find out if undereye fillers are right for you.

Uneven looking eyes

Uneven looking

Dark eyes or heavy eye bags

Dark eyes or heavy
eye bags

Sunken eyes / anti aging

Sunken eyes / anti


Undereye Fillers treatment would vary between individuals, but the result is typically visible after the first session, and occasionally with an additional 1-2 sessions for fine tuning.


Most patients notice immediate results after getting undereye fillers, and they only get better after the procedure. Furthermore, this procedure generally has little to no downtime. So you can go about your daily activities immediately after getting undereye fillers.

Some patients may experience very mild swelling after getting undereye fillers. This side-effect is typically self-resolving and only lasts a few hours to a couple of days. An aftercare tip you can consider includes applying a cold compress on your under eyes for 5 to 10 minutes every hour to reduce the swelling.

We recommend that you sit in an upright position and avoid touching the treatment area for a minimum of three hours or so after the procedure. Additionally, you may want to consider sleeping in a more upright position for the first night to be safe.

We also advise you to avoid intense aerobic exercises 24 hours after getting undereye fillers to minimise swelling. This is because excessive heat and high temperatures may exacerbate the inflammation and swelling of the treatment area.

If you experience minor discomfort or pain, you can treat the side-effect with NSAIDs like naproxen or ibuprofen. However, if the symptoms persist or the bruises seem to be spreading, or you are experiencing severe pain under your eyes, we recommend seeking immediate medical attention.

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