The Pitfalls In Eyebag Or Dark Eye Circle Treatments To Take Note Of

The Pitfalls In Eyebag Or Dark Eye Circle Treatments To Take Note Of

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“The eyes are windows to the soul” and a pair of bright-looking eyes are essential to set a good first impression. On the other hand, peepers accompanied by dark eye circles and heavy eye bags can make one look more exhausted than they actually are.

If you have tried countless home remedies to improve your dark eye circles or eye bags but to no avail, undereye fillers might just be your lifesaver.

Keep reading to find out more about this dark eye circles removal treatment available in Singapore, and the pitfalls you need to take note of before jumping the gun.

Understanding different undereye bags

1. Undereye puffiness

Woman feeling under eye puffiness

Puffiness is a common cause of under-eye bag appearance that most people would have noticed at least once in their life. Puffy eye bags are usually caused by seasonal allergies, too much salt and alcohol intake that leaves you dehydrated, and lack of sleep. They tend to look more obvious in the morning but will resolve as the day goes on thanks to gravity and time that help to drain the accumulated fluid.

But if puffiness does not seem to go away, you are probably suffering from other type of causes.

2. Under-eye Bag

Eye Bagginess close up shot

Under-eye Bag refers to distinct undereye pouches caused by a combination of fat accumulation and skin laxity which are both, unfortunately, part and parcel of ageing. The severity of these fat pockets differs from person to person. Unlike puffiness which will go away on its own, Under-eye Bag will always be there until you do something about it.

While undereye bagginess is harmless, if deemed suitable for aesthetic treatment, there are a number of options available, including Fotona Smootheye (link) Sylfirm X (link) and tear trough filler (link)

3. Dark eye circles

Dark eye circles causes

Allergies, iron deficiency, lack of sleep and a host of other factors can all contribute to unsightly dark eye circles that appear purplish or blueish. Dark circles can be even more obvious in people with fairer skin tones, due to having little subcutaneous fat supporting the undereye area.

This is where undereye fillers come into play – it is a type of dark circles treatment that can plump up the sunken area to correct sagging and bagginess, as well as fill out hollowness to improve dark eye circles. However, if your dark circles are caused by your natural complexion or sun damage rather than the lack of volume, undereye fillers will not work.

The pitfalls of undereye fillers

Undereye fillers are non-surgical procedures that work by injecting fluid into the undereye area that will correct bagginess and improve the appearance of dark eye circles.

As the whole process can be completed fairly quickly and minimal downtime is needed, undereye fillers have become increasingly popular. Nevertheless, this aesthetic treatment comes with its share of pitfalls that you need to take note of to ensure you are making the right decision.

1. Overcorrection of tear troughs

Aesthetic treatments like undereye fillers require years of practice and a keen eye for detail to avoid situations like an overcorrection of the tear troughs. The right dosage and precise injection site are important to prevent an undereye area with a sausage appearance or eyebags that look worse than before.

2. Using the wrong filler product

Hyaluronic acid fillers are preferred by most doctors and patients, as the ingredient has skin benefits and yet can be easily dissolved with hyaluronidase in case you change your mind or are unhappy with the end result. Some other filler products cannot be dissolved with hyaluronidase and can cause significant issues to the delicate undereye area.

3. Not a good candidate for undereye fillers

Although undereye fillers are typically suitable for most patients without any medical conditions that can pose a risk, there are still people who are deemed unsuitable candidates for the treatment. Patients who have very thin skin around the undereye area, too much skin laxity, excess bagginess, and dark circles caused by lifestyle habits, genetics or natural skin tone are not considered good candidates.

On the contrary, undereye fillers could make a difference if your aesthetic doctor determines that you have hollowing or volume loss under the eyes, good skin thickness and elasticity, and moderate sagging or bagginess.

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The bottom line

Undereye fillers treatment in Singapore by Vincere Aesthetics

It is crucial to always consult a reliable aesthetic doctor before making the decision to undergo undereye fillers so that these pitfalls can be prevented. Precise skills and a pair of steady hands are essential to help you achieve a natural and optimum outcome.

If you are considering getting undereye fillers done, pay a visit to Vincere Aesthetics, an aesthetic clinic in Singapore.

The clinic is helmed by Dr Vincent Tan who believes in only utilising a sincere approach to help each patient reach their aesthetic goals.

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