Different Types Of Injectable Collagen Stimulators For The Face

Different Types Of Injectable Collagen Stimulators For The Face

Different Types Of Injectable Collagen Stimulators For The Face

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Collagen has long been the buzzword in the cosmetics industry, and for good reason. It’s a naturally occurring protein that’s in your bones, skin, hair, and muscles. As people get older, the amount of collagen they naturally produce decreases. Since collagen is responsible for the plump, youthful look, collagen stimulators help with anti-ageing treatments by adding volume, and thickness to the face.

Collagen stimulators consist of biodegradable substances that stimulate the body’s own natural collagen production. You can get collagen stimulators injected into the deeper layers of your skin at aesthetic clinics in Singapore to improve the inner structures of your face. Read on to find out more about the different types of injectable collagen stimulators for the face.

Aesthetic clinic Singapore GOURI


Invented in the plastic surgery capital of the world, South Korea, Gouri is the world’s first liquid polymer filler. Fully biodegradable, it is naturally able to spread evenly and stimulate collagen production in the face. It’s easy to use and reverses facial ageing with a combination of firming up the skin, contouring, and lifting sagging features.

For patients interested in getting Gouri fillers in Singapore, there will be 10 injection points for each treatment. For good results, 3 sessions at 4 week intervals are often recommended for patients. The effects can be seen in a matter of weeks and generally last about 12 months, depending on the patient.


A revolutionary skin treatment from Italy, Profhilo is a patented bio-remodeling injectable that’s neither a filler nor a skin booster. It’s made of hyaluronic acid, which is naturally present in our bodies. The injections boost collagen, elastin, and increase adipocyte stem cell viability in the skin. Similar to Gouri, Profhilo only needs 10 injection points for the entire face.

Profhilo’s main selling points are safety, efficacy, and bio-compatibility. It boosts and hydrates the skin naturally, while also remodelling ageing tissue. Profhilo is an effective treatment for patients with wrinkles, dehydrated, dry or saggy skin, and those who desire a more refreshed and rejuvenated look. The overall effect of a subtle youthfulness can be seen in 2-3 weeks and the recommended protocol from aesthetic clinics is 2 treatments one month apart with a top up treatment every 6 months.

Aesthetic clinic Singapore NUCLEOFILL


An injectable treatment made from natural polynucleotide-based bio-stimulating gels, Nucleofill reverses the effects of skin ageing by deeply moisturising, firming and contouring, improving skin tone and elasticity, and minimising the effect caused by sun exposure. It has a cleansing effect on cells by increasing circulation and removing free radicals.

Nucleofil’s recommended course of treatment is 3 treatments once a month. It is injected into the skin via needle or cannula and results can be seen as early as a week. Treatment protocol can vary depending on the patient and adapted on a case-by-case basis.

Collagen fillers and stimulators represent an exciting advancement in the cosmetic industry. They naturally de-age, rejuvenate, and revitalise the deeper layers of the skin on your face to give you that desired youthful look. They’re safe, efficient, and effective for people who are looking to enhance their natural beauty.

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